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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  December 21, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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here. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. timesaver traffic in a minute. >> howard is here with your weather first and it is going to be a cold day. >> look at a nice morning for you. quiet out there. you're looking at a picture of the jefferson memorial. some ice on the tidal basin. a cold, cold month out there. >> not solid enough to walk across. >> no. unless you're a duck, don't do it. >> this morning, we're looking at a cold morning. temperatures in the 20s or to around 30. 9:00, still around 30 or so. mid-30s at noon or 5:00 with an afternoon high. may see 40. well to the south of town. toward fredericksburg. this morning, we had a little area of snow through ohio. west virginia. now, south central virginia. well south of the washington metro. so, for us, a couple of clouds
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here. couple of clear skies. a couple of spots, clear skies. there are your temperatures. it is 6:00. here's richard andrei. >> a good morning. we're still checking out the green light conditions throughout the area. no incidents so far. we'll be zooming in to i-95. live look northbound as we're making the run from the prince william parkway going to around 7100, no real problems there. a little bit heavy in both places on the stretch of northbound 95. also taking the overview, going ahead and doing a zoom in on i- 66 eastbound. a bit slow around 234. also taking the look at 66 at around route 50, it is a bit heavy. around 234 going eastbound. going inbound, no problems heading to the beltway. travel times look like on the beltway, out of route 95, 10 minutes. 95 southbound from 216 going to the beltway about 9 minutes. checking out d.c. from the beltway heading to the 11th
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street bridge, about a 7 minute drive right now. coming up in a few minutes, another look at traffic at around 6:11. mike? >> thank you, richard. let's get a check of the stories happening today. a preliminary vote in the senate is scheduled on whether to freeze federal work he were's pay. it is part of a larger spending bill which should be voted on before the new year. it would freeze nonmilitary workers pay for two years. >> the d.c. city council holdsity final meeting of the year. it is last one before council chairman vincent gray takes over as mayor. the meeting begins this morning at 10:00. the first results come out from the 2010 census. our population grow he of growth is slowing to its slowest level in decades. i'm afraid you missed it, the total lunar eclipse this morning. >> it was a very rare event not seen for hundreds of years. >> lindsay mastis is live in college park, maryland, to show you what you missed. >> reporter: good morning.
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i've had that total eclipse of the song in my head except replacing heart with moon all morning. at 1:30 a.m. is when the eclipse had started. 3:15, that's when it was at its midway point. of course, you know, the reviewing party, people who stayed up all night to see this happen. it is historic because it is -- it is one of those times where the lunar eclipse happens when the winter solstice happens. that has not happened since 1638. >> not going to be able to notice a difference between a lunar eclipse that occurs on the solstice and one that occurs on some other day. it is just coincidence and geometry and various timings and cycles kind of all line up. >> it was pretty cool. i'm a sophomore astronomy student and this is actually the -- i guess the second big
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celestial observing thing i've done. >> if you missed it, you can still get online. you can get on our facebook page. you can see what it looked like. if you look at the moon now, it is beautiful. it is bright. it is a full moon. so, you can still look and see a beautiful moon. but if you wanted to see this happen on the day of the winter solstice, you'll have to wait another 84 years. you can still see winter eclipses. there are two next year. it is something to see and hopefully the next time it happens, it will be a little warmer. reporting live in delphi, i'm lindseymast is. >> while you slept, an american envoy said it was a positive one. >> bill richardson says there is an opening for restarting nuclear talks. >> richardson was in beijing after leaving north korea. he said plans to disarm the north's nuclear program are taking steps in the right
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direction. there is no timetable for future discussions. also, while you slept, a vigil for a murder victim in burke, virginia. friends and family of jihad gathered. bobby was found dead there sunday afternoon. police say he suffered some kind of trauma to his upper body. they're not saying what. so far, no arrests in the case. we could learn today exactly how a man died outside the d.c. 9 nightclub two months ago. the medical examine err could make his autopsy public. he died october 15th. police say he was beaten to death by five people in the club. but charges against those people were dismissed. witnesses say mohammed threw a brick through the club's front window. it has been shut down -- it was shut down for several weeks. police in las vegas are searching for a missing woman. she used to be a redskins cheerleader. investigators believe 31-year- old debra flores may have been the victim of foul play. and her family thinks so, too. she had been in a burlesque
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show when she failed to show up for rehearsal december 12th. >> i can't make anything of this right now. it is not her. it is not her to go missing. it is not her to take a small vacation like this. so people might think or she needed to get away. this was her life. >> the missing woman's car was found last week. it still had maryland tags and her purse was found in the backseat. anne arundel county police are looking for some owners of some stolen power tools. they actually recovered 78 pieces of equipment valued at over $15,000. police say they were taken during a series of break-ins in lothian. they found the equipment about a half-mile away in a home they arrested two men at the time. one of them was in the country illegally. he has already been deported. >> our time, 6:06. it is time for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is here with the report on those toyota
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recalls. >> the company is saying it is trying to get their safety problems behind them. we've seen sales down as a result. they agreed to pay the u.s. government record fines of $32 million. it will settle claims that toyota was slow to let regulators know about two safety problems, the floor mats that could trap accelerator pedals and a flaw that could cause total loss of steering control. instead, toyota allowed millions of potentially dangerous vehicles to stay on the nation's roads. the latest settlement is on top of a $16 million fine toyota paid earlier this year. it is getting really expensive to rent in washington area. local rental prices were up 22% in 2009 from a decade earlier. according to census figures. at local apartment buildings, rents jumped 8.2% over $1600 this year. locally, people reportedly getting into bidding wars over rentals. some modest homes are now topping $4,000 a month! "the washington post" reports the 10,000 single family homes
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went from being owner occupied two years ago to now being rental properties. and just a few minutes ago, toys "r" us stores in our area opened and will stay open for 88 hours straight! it is the first time toys "r" us has done this around the country. you're going to be able to snap up the last-minute holiday gifts around the clock until 10:00 p.m. on christmas eve and today and tomorrow, stores will hold their final two-day sales with some items marked at more than 50% off. >> we talked about how prices are up. you can still find the deals if you look for them. >> we could shop on our way into work. >> that's right. >> we're the only ones there. >> perfect. >> good deal. >> thank you, jessica. well, there is a new place to enjoy winter weather. the ice skating rink in downtown silver spring is now open at telephone street and ellsworth drive. you can skate weekdays from noon to 10:00 p.m. and on weekends, the rik opens at 10:00 a.m. it will be open on christmas day and new year's day. here is a look at what's coming up on 9news now.
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>> the feds are investigating a new terror plot. at 6:12, how it involves what we all eat. >> keeping don't ask, don't tell in place. 6:32, a virginia lawmaker fights the repeal of that military policy. >> up next though, a check of our chilly forecast. your weather first is 90 seconds away.
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>> a cold day today. sunshine, some clouds. maybe even a stray flurry. topping off around 37, 38. 6:00 p.m., back to 36 degrees. big weather looking toward the weekend. right now, here's richard andrei with time safer traffic. >> we're going to be taking a live look in the district at foxhole and canal road. no problems there. no issues. we get by fairly well. just a bit on the chilly side. road conditions are quite good. we'll have a complete look at traffic coming up around 6:17. mike, andrea? >> we'll see you then. >> united airlines and british airways have canceled two of three flights from dulles to london today. british airways flight from bwi to london is on schedule. >> all because of winter weather across the pond. it is one of the stories making news at 6:11 a half foot of snow has shut down heathrow
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along with other airports across england. thousands of people are stranded. it might take until tomorrow for schedules to return to normal. some say it might be until saturday. they're dealing with their first snow of the season in massachusetts. as much as a foot could fall on cape cod with about four inches expected in the boston area. >> a surprise snow down under in australia. surprising because summer officially begins there today. several inches fell in cold weather cleared out bondy beach. >> there is a new threat against americans from al- qaeda. >> the government is calling it credible and the target appears to be our food. >> gary nurenberg takes a look at what's involved and he shows us why this plan is actually very simple. >> it is being taken so seriously that cbs reports the department of homeland security and other federal agencies have briefed restaurant and hotel representatives about the threat. >> a spokesman here at the hotel association of washington says it has been briefed by d.c. police and chief kathy
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lanier about a variety of terrorism threats but has not received a specific warning about this particular threat to hotel and restaurant foods. >> the al-qaeda group promotes operation hemorrhage, attacking the enemy with smaller but more frequent to add a heavy economic burden to an already faltering economy. >> we operate under the premise that individuals prepare to carry out terrorist acts, are in this country. >> cbs reports the plot was uncovered earlier this year and is believed to center on the toxin cyanide and ricin, the manufacturer of which is detailed on jihadist web site. the poison could easily be sprinkled on food and not be detected right away even when customers get sick. >> initially, it would look similar to food poisoning. >> we're not talking complicated or high tech here. one person acting discreetly could do the job. and customers of buffets and salad bars. >> i'm tired of all of these fearful things coming at us.
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i would like to be careful but i don't like all of this, be afraid of this, be afraid of this, i don't. >> while nobody does but the holidays are a prime time for potential terrorist attacks and every threat is being taken seriously. gary nurenberg, 9news now. >> the department of homeland security tells cbs news, it will not comment on any specific threats. it says the agencies have planned for years to guard against all types of terrorist attacks. including unconventional ones like this. >> time now for howard bernstein and weather first and i think we can say we're not all dreaming of a white christmas this time around. >> some of us have travel plans here and there but you're right. there is a chance of snow. as we head into that saturday, maybe saturday night, sunday time frame. we'll have to watch this carefully. one of the models the european brings it closer to sunday. the american models has it more really on saturday. so, if you're leaving christmas eve, you should be all right. let's get you going with a look
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at a neat picture. just got off facebook. had the real orange glow to it as the moon was passing behind the earth. can only have these at a full moon. we had one last night. very cool picture. thank you, jim, for that. momslikeme bus stop forecast, it is partly cloudy out there. not a bad morning except the chill of course. temperatures low 20s to low 30s. wind chills were running into the teens this morning. low to mid teens. day planner, sunshine and clouds will be mixed. 30 degrees. sunshine at 9:00. northwest winds at 15. look at the wind chills closer to the 20 degree mark. partly cloudy. partly sunny at times. 34 at noon. 5:00 p.m., 35. we'll top off at 37 today. look at the northwest flow here. everything from northwest to the southeast. this is cold and for us, it has taken this disturbance off to our south and west. see some snow showers just west
6:16 am
of columbus also between roanoke and lynchburg moving down toward raleigh, north carolina. some clear skies, some clouds. but other than a flurry or two later on, don't expect much in the way of any real precipitation today. we've got 30 here. lots of 20s out in the suburbs. as we go to cleveland and pittsburgh, we're down to 25 in centerville. brandon told me he was 22. arlington and andrews are at 27. up north, laurel and columbia are 26. you guys are checking in at 28 degrees on this tuesday morning. national low, 30. with the west-northwest wind at 10. a lot of areas are in the lower 20s. the wind chills in the low to mid teens. nationally, disturbances, they're riding the jet here. nothing too organized until you go to the west coast. big storm out here. throwing more rain northern california. heavy rain southern california. and ultimately, that energy in california, that rides across the southern u.s. and sometime
6:17 am
either saturday morning, saturday night, we'll have low pressure hatteras and then that way is the way it looks now. that will have a big difference in what our storm is going to end up and how much or how little the snow we may see christmas day, christmas night. so, today, breezy. can't rule out a flurry. 38. tomorrow, 39. thursday, 38. still kind of breezy. toward the weekend, well, friday looks ok. 39. but christmas day, could be watching a coastal storm. so, the threat of snow definitely in the forecast christmas day. and sunday and monday, windy and if this is deeper, well, 34 is going to be a little bit warm for a forecast. 6:17. let's go over to richard andrei with the latest look at traffic. >> we're still checking out the green light conditions clear basically throughout the area. looking at the overviews, no incidents or problems to really slow us down at this point to speak of. resuming on the outer loop beltway in maryland in the montgomery county section. looks like a wide look by route 29. a little bit slow between new hampshire avenue and route 29 there. as we can see.
6:18 am
beyond 29 on the outer loop, you pick up in speed a bit. heading back into the overview and then zooming into i-270 taking a live look by germantown road, we'll find slowing there for sure. as you head below there, the speeds do pick up as you head down toward the split. looking at the travel times, i- 66, virginia inbound going from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 14 minutes. not too bad on the toll road, as you move eastbound, let's say you head from hunter mill road to the beltway, about 6 minutes. on the 490 on the inner loop from 395 moving up to the toll road, about 4 minutes right now. we'll have more traffic at 6:24. mike and drea? >> time for your holiday lights. every morning at this time, we're showing off your christmas displays. >> this morning, shot comes from lisa mckay in herndon, virginia. she set up this display of santa and his sleigh. you can see it right there. all of the lights took about five hours to set up as she
6:19 am
worked alongside her dad, two brothers and her nephew. >> we want to see your holiday displays. send us a picture to lights at include your name and where you live and we'll be showing these shots through the end of the year. we've got lots coming. >> up next in sports, how much the university of maryland is paying ralph friedgen to go away. >> and outdoor football returns to minneapolis. coming up, why who you used to be the king of the frozen tundra, brett favre didn't fare too well last night.
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coming up on 6:23 on this cold morning. winter begins at 6:48 tonight. this morning we're in down in the 20s.mid to upper 30s with a mix of clouds and some sunshine. and a northwest wind running 10 to 15. that will keep your wind chills down in the 20s. so, bundle up once again. mike and andrea? >> thank you, howard. >> the capitals try to make it two wins in a row tonight. they'll be hosting the jersey devils. >> they're one of the worst teams in the league this year. the puck drops at 7:30. >> so, they've got a chance. >> the first outdoor nfl game in minneapolis in three decades. it was announced about an hour before kickoff. brett favre would get the start. he didn't last long. he was slammed to the ground in the second quarter. he suffered a concussion, injured his shoulder and he was pretty much done for the night. this game really was all chicago though. the bears jay cutler threw three touchdown passes.
6:24 am
bears win 30-14. they clinched the title in the process. >> texas tech head coach mike leach won 84 games over ten seasons there. he would replace ralph friedgen despite going 8-4 this year. they dumped friedgen yesterday and will buy out his contract. he spent a decade working at his alma mater. the wizards 7-game losing streak is over. they hosted the bobcats last night. the whiz began on a 22-21 run. washington topped charlotte 108-75. the wizards host the bulls tomorrow. still ahead this morning, virginia's governor responds to one state lawmaker's effort to keep don't ask, don't tell in place. >> president obama's nuclear arms treaty moves closer to approval. next, the latest on the s.t.a.r.t. treaty.
6:25 am
>> over to richard andrei with a quick check of the roads this morning. richard? >> we take a live look at the beltway this virginia, clear conditions from braddock to i- 66. a little bit of a build-up. next traffic coming your way at 6:30 in a few minutes. 9news now will be back after these messages. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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we're back at 6:29 and this is always the place to get your weather first. looking at the weather, there it is. one of the most beautiful memorials in the washington area. the jefferson memorial. the tidal basin glistening in front. a chilly morning for a run there. just 29 degrees. >> wow. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane. did you remember your earmuffs and your gloves, howard? >> the earmuffs are at home. i totally forgot them. without a hat or earmuffs with the wind chills in the teens and low 20s. not very pleasant. the eclipse is gone but venus in the eastern sky still looking nice and bright. our forecast calls for sunshine. we'll mix with clouds at times. temperature at noon, 35. 5:00 p.m., 35. topping off around 35, 37.
6:30 am
fredericksburg, you might get closer to the 40 degree mark today. we looked at the clouds off to our west and south. they were a little bit thicker. even had the snow showers going down toward richmond. but for us, a quiet, breezy, you can hear the wind on my microphone, a chilly morning. 30 degrees here now. our wind chill is closer to 20. where it is 20 and 25 in culpepper, wind chills in the teens. richard andrei, how is our traffic doing? >> not so much of a bad situation yet. we've got the green light out there. we're pretty clear. a couple of slow spots here and there. no problems. at least as of yet. be zooming into i-395 taking a live look as you make that move around duke street. in fact, it will be slow from around duke going northbound to seminary. all lanes still open there. not too bad a situation so far. just a gradual build-up and the overview again will take us in to the overall area then zoom into the district where we're going to find a bit of slowing as we take a live look at new york avenue going inbound. we're going to find slowing
6:31 am
especially from around the times building during the bladensburg road. third street tunnel, really making pretty good time so far out there at this point in the morning. taking a look at our trains, no problems. metro looks on-time. no incidents or problems with mark trains that are on time as well. next traffic at about 6:46. mike? >> thank you, richard. at wheels will begin turning in the senate on freezing federal worker's pay. the senate will take a procedural vote on this and if it says yes, the bill will move on to the house. it would freeze pay for federal workers for the next two years. military members would not be affected in this though. it would impact, however, nearly half a million federal workers in our area alone. the plan is now part of a bigger spending bill which would keep the government running through march. >> the senate will vote today whether or not to cut off the debate on president obama's nuclear arms treaty with russia. it would limit nuclear arms and
6:32 am
create some new checking systems. massachusetts republican scott brown says he will back the treaty. he's one of few republicans to cross party lines in this. all 57 senate democrats are expected to give their approval. >> virginia delegate bob marshall does not want the state's national guard to follow the federal repeal of don't ask, don't tell. the republican represents parts of prince william and loudoun counties. he wants to ensure gays and lesbians cannot serve openly. >> it is a distraction when i'm on the battlefield and i have to concentrate on the guy 6 hundreds yards away worrying about this guy who's got eyes on me. >> now, marshall says he's going to bring the bill up in richmond. he does not, however, have the backing of governor bob mcdonald. the republican opposed the federal rule change but in a statement to "the washington post," his office says the governor knows it is critically important that there be one set of rules for our men and women in the military. since uniformity of major
6:33 am
policy across all branches is essential to effective operations. >> the first total lunar eclipse to fall on the winter solstice in over 450 years is over. you had to be up pretty early to see it. lindsey mastis joins us live from college park, maryland. this was definitely one where timing was everything. >> timing was everything. and as you said, i woke up early but some people just stayed up all night. it started at 1:30 a.m. by about 3:15, that's when it was at its midway point. i want to share a picture with you with one off our viewers who posted a picture he took from gaithersburg on facebook. it is beautiful. you can really see the red coming through in that picture. there was also a viewing party this morning on the university of maryland campus. actually out here in adelphi, they have an observatory. people were able to see an up close picture of the moon through a telescope.
6:34 am
you know, this is the first time that has fall an winter solstice since 1638, timing was everything and fortunately, the weather was perfect. >> we certainly got lucky because a good part of the u.s. is under a lot of cloud cover. a lot of people did miss seeing the eclipse. but that's going to be a factor in any kind of celestial event that you're going to go out and observe waiting for the weather and such. >> the next time this is supposed to happen on a winter solstice is in about 84 years. so, most of us won't get a chance to see this in our lifetime. you can see lunar eclipses all the time every year there is about one or two. next year, i was told there are going to be two lunar eclipses. of course, you have to be in the right place at the right time. in north america, you only see a partial eclipse but in a few years, you can see another beautiful lunar eclipse and hopefully it won't fall on a winter solstice because it is very cold although the weather is perfect for this, it is still freezing out here.
6:35 am
reporting in adelphi, i'm lindsey mastis. >> wksse says its water exceeds health standards. it says it has never had a drinking water violation. but one says it has traces of chrome 6, a chemical linked to cancer. tests were conducted in a california lab by the environmental working group. >> we estimate that more than 70 million americans including people in d.c., suburban maryland are drinking chrome 6 with every glass of tap water. >> according to the lab results, the amounts are extremely small. less than 1/5 of one part per billion, that's like taking a teaspoon and adding it to five olympic size swimming pools. >> people in loudoun county are being warned about a telephone scam. it is a jury duty scam. the scammer says you missed jury duty then he or she asks for your date of birth and your social security number and all
6:36 am
to verify some information. the county says it would never ask for things like this over the phone. to read more about this story, go to our ask berne page. that's where you can get news from more than 50 communities around the area. our time is 6:36. it is time for another your money report. >> bad news for procrastinating shoppers. >> if you haven't already gotten your hands on the hottest holiday gifts, you'll have some problems. i'm sorry to tell you my friend. >> my own fault. >> retailers got burned over the last two holidays by ordering too much inventory. this year, they had fewer items on hand. a lot of gifts have already sold out. our partners at "usa today" report these items are in short supply. some kindles on, monster high daals and connect for xbox 360. fleece-lined shirts and a coat
6:37 am
satchel is sold out everywhere. get used to those higher prices we're paying at the pump. experts say that higher gas prices may linger into the new year. drivers here and in many state are already paying $3 a gallon for regular. that is because gas or rather oil prices have hovered around $90 since thanksgiving. train says gas prices are 40 cents higher than this time last year. >> general motors is doing something good for the environment with its chevy volt electric car. it is going to use plastic material from the bp oil spill to make car parts. otherwise, the 100 miles worth of material could find its way into land fills. tens of thousands of tons of boom have already made their way to landfills or to incinerators. this is such a great idea. companies like general motors have the capacity to do this. >> wonder how they're going to use it. wonder what parts. >> for a plastic part around the engine that helps to diffuse some air flow. i'm not an engineer. i don't get it.
6:38 am
>> good idea. >> great idea. >> great example. >> leading by example. >> thank you, jessica. >> remember, you can lead by example. you have today and tomorrow to donate to toy drive 9. bring any new unwrapped toy to your fire department. >> the donation will go to the marine toys for tots program. >> our time right now is 6:38. could we be in for a white christmas? howard has the extended forecast up next. >> now checking on what you'll see tonight on channel 9. ncis then at 9:00, we go west. at 10:00, the good life and then it is anita, derek topper and brett at 11:00. try this.
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the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate.
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york peppermint patty. get the sensation. we do weather first at 6:43 and boy, we had a spectacular event earlier this morning. >> it was really cool. a lunar eclipse in case you were sleeping. >> what were you doing sleeping? >> i started at 1:30. lindsey mastis has been covering that all morning. we've seen some nice pictures on facebook like the one that was put up by jim schuyler there. there is another one here. >> that's neat. >> this is from nasa by the way. >> oh, wow. >> a monument there at the moon. it was just to the right of it this morning. >> it is really nice. >> that's sharp. >> it is sharp. >> another sharp picture. this one came from jim schuyler there. he's up in the baltimore area. we thank him for that. just another picture. see how cool everything was looking there. that nice orange-red glow. as the eclipse is in totality. it is not like a solar eclipse.
6:44 am
where it gets black. there is still a little bit of light. your momslikeme bus stop forecast on this chilly tuesday morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies. temps running in the low 20s to low 30s. it is breezy, too. wind chills in the teens to lower 20s. your day planner, clouds, sunshine. 30ish or so around noon. northwest winds at 15. the wind chills only be in the low 20s. mid-20s on the wind chills. noontime temperature, 34. again, varying clouds through the afternoon. 35. northwest winds at 10. at 5:00 p.m., high today around 37, 38 degrees. we have clear skies especially north and east of town but south and west, a little disturbance coming right across west virginia. down at the south central virginia with some snow showers there. missed us. see temperatures are holding around 30 here. lots of 20s off to our west. lower 20s in pittsburgh and cleveland this morning. mid-20s at fairfax.
6:45 am
centerville at 26 along with great falls this morning. 27 in rockville. also in springfield. andrews and crofton at 27. along with millersville. columbia this morning, you guys are 26 degrees. the winds at national are out of the west-northwest at 10. we have a wind chill of 21. again, many areas are dealing with wind chills this morning in the lower to mid teens. what we've got, weak disturbances here, very strong, powerful jet stream really ripping onshore here in southern california. another storm in the pacific bringing more moisture to northern california. we've got the weak systems here. southern california, that will organize and travel across the southern part of the country and potentially by the weekend, that's when we could have some trouble but with high pressure trying to build in, any disturbances later today, tonight, bring some clouds. only a couple of flurries. that's about the worst of it over the next couple of days. 38 today. 39 tomorrow. thursday, 38. as we head toward the end of the week, friday, look at this.
6:46 am
in the 30s. by saturday, there could be a coastal storm. we'll have a little snow possible. maybe more than that. right now, a little snow possible. then windy and chilly again sunday and monday. it is 6:45. time for rich around andrei with your timesaver traffic. >> we check out the yellow light conditions. we do have some delays out there. for the overview, month major incidents or problems like that. zooming into i-270. check out the slowing from route 80 to route 21 going southbound. take a live look at germantown area, we'll see some slowing from there going to montrose road. all lanes should be open there. once you move it below montrose, it is picking up in speed. we'll go into the overview and we'll make the move zooming into i-66 going inbound. live look at 66. we'll see some slowing from there to about 123 eastbound. your speeds pick up beyond 123 moving to the beltway ramps. checking out our travel times
6:47 am
in virginia... next traffic coming your way in a few minutes around 6:58. mike? >> thank you, richard. we take you to the top of the charts this morning. these are the hottest searches on google. number one, where's the beef. that's the old wendy's slogan. as you may remember. melts in your mouth, not your hands. that's number two. remember who that is? m&ms of course. all five kind of look odd. but the reason they're connected, there's a new game show that debuted last night and these are the questions so people were interested in them. >> is the story of a holiday grinch or is there more to the story than we're being told? >> a group of haymarket students were given detention. all they were doing was handing out candy canes.
6:48 am
9news met up with the boys yesterday. they say they were tossing candy canes to classmates at battlefield high school. they were punished for littering, creating a disturbance and much more. >> the candy canes, they said are weapons because you can sharpen them with your mouth and stab people with them. >> did you do that? >> no. i don't think anybody else did either. >> battlefield's principal says she can't comment but there is more to the story than handing out candy and she defends her decision. >> this story is generating plenty of comments on our facebook page. nicole writes... , those kids should be commended. those administrators need to worry about something more important. tanya says there are a lot of bad things these boys could have been spreading. if all they're guilty of is trying to spread holiday cheer, i say good for them. keep it up. teresa posts, the school definitely went too far in disciplining here. there must be some sort of bahumbug administrators there.
6:49 am
leave your comments on the story and others on our facebook page at >> i could see this as an episode on glee. as a former administrator play the devil's advocate, there may be more to this than tossing candy canes. it could create a disturbance but it does seem a little harsh. >> the guys seemed like they were sweet. there's more to the story. >> we don't know. there's this side, that side and the other side. >> we have 30 degrees here in the nation's capital. >> a check on the news before you go is coming up next. >> a quick reminder, two d.c. area high school students that you can still be part of our team here at 9 sports and d.c. we're looking for campus correspondents to shoot highlights and interviews. if accepted to the program, we'll give you a free fripp video cam. you can apply right now at
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just about 6:53. we have a cold morning out there. it is clear to partly cloudy but the winds are blowing so wind chills in the teens and 20s. around 35 by noon. same with the drive home. look for a high today at 37, 38, maybe 40 in fredericksburg. all right, richard andrei, how is our traffic? mike and andrea, we'll check with richard in a moment. >> here is a check on the news. while you slept, our full moon turned a dark red. it was a total lunar eclipse. it was the first one in 450 years to fall on the first day of winter. >> supporters of a bill to provide healthcare to first responders on 9-11 think they have the votes to make it a reality. lawmakers from new york say trimming the cost to $6.2 billion helped. a vote to block a filibuster could come today. >> national phenom steven strasburg's recovery is on
6:54 am
track. he should start throwing in a few weeks following tommy john surgery. if things go well, he could be back late next season. >> "the early show" is coming up in about six minutes. >> russ mitchell tells us what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> coming up, the search is on for a missing las vegas show girl. and former redskins cheerleader. we'll bring you the latest on the investigation and hear from the missing girl's sister. >> larry king in an exclusive interview. he opens up to our erica hill about his record setting broadcast career, his family and what's next for him. >> grocery prices are on the rise. we'll show you how to avoid the high prices and save big. it is all coming unon "the early show." mike and andrea, back to you. >> thank you, russ. >> 30 degrees in northwest. >> one more traffic check when 9news now returns. stay with us.
6:55 am
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6:58 am
mid to upper 30s today. 40 in fredericksburg. the wind is going to blow. tomorrow, thursday, friday, pretty quiet. saturday, a potential christmas snowfall. then cold and breezy behind that. richard andrei, how is the traffic? >> howard, not too bad this morning. we're getting word of a crash now. prince george's county, southbound bw parkway at landover road, possible lane blockage there. montgomery beltway jammed up on the outer loop as you move beyond i-95 in the georgia avenue. speeds pick up heading to 270. the delay will be about 15 minutes. also, virginia, i-95 looks like northbound a couple of slow spots. one from the prince william to
6:59 am
the brake lights to the fairfax county parkway up to the mixing bowl. next traffic coming your way around 7:25. andrei ya, mike? >> is there anything shaq o'neal can't do? he's a deputy sheriff now. add myself row to his -- add maestro to his list of careers. he caught on quickly and led the musicians through songs. >> the big man was tired. he said his arms are shot. >> very funny. >> very good. >> we're looking higher this morning as the major averages trying to surmount two and three-year highs. >> "the early show" is next. they'll have more on some wild weather out west and the latest on all of the moves expected on capitol hill today. >> our next newscast is at noon. hope i'll see you then. get your news, weather and traffic at >> see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. have a great


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